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Burbs Coffee is an Overland Park, KS based specialty coffee roaster focused on providing high quality, single-origin coffee. Our brand is inspired by the suburban lifestyle, surf & skate culture, and being neighborly. In the suburbs where all of the houses look the same, we roast coffee that is different.


Through local traders, we source beans with unique flavor profiles that change What you think about coffee. Using electric roastERS, each small batch is roasted to perfection yielding the best flavor qualities of the bean. We hope you enjoy our coffee as much as suburbanites enjoy commenting on Their lawns.

Small batch coffee roasting machine. Each batch is roasted with meticulous attention to detail to assure the best flavor qualities are retained throughout the roasting process.
Burbs Coffee stickers. Get a free sticker with your first purchase.
Freshly roasted coffee beans.

Suburbanites for good coffee!

Coffee your Taste buds will love!

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