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Privacy Policy (You know, for legality purposes)

At Burbs Coffee, we take your privacy as seriously as we take our roasting. So, cozy up with cup of joe, and let's go over our privacy policy, shall we?

Information We Collect

We're no nosey neighbor but we do collect some information to serve you better. We may snag your name, email address, and shipping address – because even coffee needs a zip code to find its way home.


Cookies and Caffeine

We use cookies on our website, not to track your suburban shuffle, but to enhance your coffee shopping experience. These cookies won't judge if you prefer decaf; they're just here to make sure our website runs smoother than your neighbor's perfectly manicured lawn.


Cul-De-Sac Club Subscription

When you subscribe to our monthly subscription service, we may ask for your address. Rest assured, we won't be showing up uninvited for a coffee date. It's just to make sure your coffee finds its way to your doorstep faster than your neighbor Karen can post her latest gluten-free, soy-free, fun-free recipes on social media.

Third-Party Shenanigans

We do use some third-party services, but we promise they're more trustworthy than your neighborhood block party coordinator. These services help us process payments, ship orders, and analyze how many suburbanites are falling in love with our coffee. All of these services are secure and your data is never in harms way.

A Latte Love for Marketing

Occasionally, we may send you emails about our latest roasts, offers, or suburban adventures. If you're not into it, no hard feelings. Unsubscribe faster than that one neighbor's attempts at small talk, and we'll leave you in peace with your privacy intact.

The Oops Clause

In the unlikely event of a data breach, we'll handle it with more grace than your neighbor's failed attempt at hosting a neighborhood talent show. We'll notify you, take swift action, and make amends faster than you can say "double-shot macchiato."

So there you have it – our privacy policy served with a side of suburban sass. Remember, we really do respect your privacy as much as we respect a perfectly brewed cup. Now, go ahead, sip on that privacy, and let the coffee beans spill their secrets in your cup, not on the internet.

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